• Heavy Winter Limited edition print
  • Heavy Winter Limited edition print

Heavy Winter – Limited edition print by Mikael Sundberg – www.msun.se
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by Mikael Sundberg – www.msun.se

$199 for 30×30 cm size

📸✨ This Limited Edition of 100, High-Quality Print comes with an acid-free paper to stand the test of time and add style and personality to your home or office. Available in the 30x30cm size, it will be a great addition to a variety of decor styles and will make a great gift for everyone who appreciates art and photography:

✔️ Hand-signed by Mikael Sundberg
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Print is also available in size 70x50cm or 100x70cm

Print is also available in size 70x50cm / 27,5×19,6 inches, which costs 899 USD. Limited Edition of 50.

Limited Edition of 1 *The One* 100x70cm / 39,3×27,5 inches, which costs 89 000 USD.

This option is only available via special order that requires you to contact me.


Embark on a unique photographic journey with this book by Mikael Sundberg. Going beyond traditional step-by-step guides, Sundberg has captured images of figures like the Swedish royal family and stars such as Ronaldo. Born deaf, he shares his unique perspective on the world through his photography.

This book is more than just inspiring – it demonstrates how to overcome challenges and express oneself through the lens. In it, you’ll learn to harness your creativity, understand the power of visual storytelling, and develop your unique photographic style.

Dive into a new realm of photography where creativity has no limits. Are you ready to see photography in a whole new light? Begin your journey now and discover new ways to view the world, one photo at a time, while gaining invaluable skills and insights to enrich your own photographic endeavors.

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