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Embark on a unique photographic journey with this book by Mikael Sundberg. Going beyond traditional step-by-step guides, Sundberg captures images of figures like the Swedish royal family and stars, including Ronaldo. Born deaf, he shares his unique perspective on the world through his photography.

This book is more than inspiring – it shows how to overcome challenges and express oneself through the lens. In it, you’ll learn how to harness your creativity, understand the power of visual storytelling, and develop your own unique photographic style.

Dive into a new realm of photography where creativity knows no bounds. Are you ready to see photography in a whole new light? Begin your journey now and discover new ways to view the world, one photo at a time, while gaining invaluable skills and insights to enrich your photographic endeavors.

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I’m Mikael Sundberg, a passionate photographer with a unique background – I was born deaf. My journey into photography began as a simple hobby in 2006, and by 2009, I had stepped into the professional world. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to photograph many famous individuals, including international soccer stars like Ronaldo and members of the Swedish royal family. In this book, I want to take you on an inspiring journey to develop yourself into an even more skilled and successful photographer. You won’t find dull step-by-step instructions that you can already find all over the internet. Instead, I invite you to explore a completely new dimension of photography through my personal experiences and thoughts. This book is your key to taking your photographic skills to a whole new level. Let me guide you through my world of images, where together, we’ll unlock an entirely new dimension of photography. There are no limits here – only limitless creativity. Are you ready to become a master of photography? Begin your journey now and let your photographic adventure unfold! Enjoy the read.